Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teaser Tuesday, A Blog Award, And HP6 at midnight! (July 14)

Here's my teaser this week -

It's a meme hosted by Should Be Reading and here are the rules:
Grab your current read...
Open to a random page
Share two teaser sentences from somewhere on the page
Don't include spoilers!

"As I fought to keep the contents of my stomach in place, I realized I had been hung upside down and was being moved. I risked another peek and confirmed my suspicion that I had been thrown over the back of a horse."

Page 60, Magic Study, by Maria V. Snyder

I also got an award from vvb32 reads

The Kreativ Blogger Award

Technically, you're supposed to state 7 things that you like, and then nominate 7 other blogs for the award. At this point, however, I won't be doing that since I'm running out of the house. I'll have to update later. But thanks again for the award!!

On a different note, who is seeing Harry Potter at midnight? I know I am (yes, I'm that cool)


Hilarie said...

Wow, did you have to rub it in about Harry? I like the teaser. I haven't heard of this book before. I really like the cover though. I'm going to have to check it out. Congratulations on your award!

Eli said...

Great teaser! I'm also seeing Harry Potter at midnight-- I'm excited!!

Andrea said...

Good teaser.
Sadly I won't be seeing HP until this weekend.

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