Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday randomness

I took dance lessons until I graduated high school, and while I wasn't all that great, I did enjoy going every week (tap dancing, and taking jazz lessons). A few years ago, Fox began airing the show So You Think You Can Dance, a show which I'm not completely addicted to. I usually skip the audition episodes (I hate watching the people who get rejected). Unfortunately they don't completely fit with my layout, but most of them work fine. are a few of my favorite routines -

Mercy (the dance starts around 1:30)

Night of the Dancing Flame (dance around 3.5 minutes)


Cecelia said...

I love to catch re-runs of this show - they're all so talented! Thanks for featuring these clips. :-)

Sandy said...

the first dance video mademe go WHOOAAAA. I loved how the guy kept pushing her away even though she flung herself at him (and the door). Poor door, it suffered much abuse XD

Katie said...

I love SYTYCD! I'm waiting on pins and needles for next week's finale.

gamergirl said...

thanks for posting the vids they are so amazing at dancing!

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