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Welcome to Cornucopia of Reviews! You've found your way to my review policy. Below you'll find a list of the types of genres that I read, as well as other information regarding my reviews.

What Genres I Read: On this site, I mainly review Young Adult literature. I'm open to all different genres within the YA category, particularly fantasy, paranormal, science-fiction, and dystopian stories. I also enjoy YA romance, mysteries, and historical novels. I will occasionally review an adult chick-lit novel, or general fiction novel on the site. I will, however, disclose whether this adult fiction novel has any crossover appeal to teens. 

What Genres I Don't Read: I currently don't read memoirs/biographies, or non-fiction outside of the YA category. I also prefer not to read any stories with extremely graphic violence.

Book Formats that I Accept: Hurrah, I have now moved into the 21st century and have a Kindle. I will accept ebook versions of books.

What to Expect: Although I may accept a review copy, I can't guarantee that I will review it on the site. I try to accept books that I think I will enjoy, but if I find that I didn't enjoy the book, I follow certain protocol. I believe in writing fair reviews, and I understand the effort that goes into writing a novel. I'm not going to bash a book simply because I didn't like it. I'll write why it didn't work for me, and point out anything that I did enjoy.

In the review, I post the cover art, a synopsis of the book (from the inside flap, or Goodreads), and my thoughts on the book. I will also include the author, the publisher, and the amount of pages in the book. I'm happy to provide a link to the author's website, and twitter if requested.

Other sites I post my reviews: Goodreads, Barnes and Noble

Author Interviews/Guest Posts: I'm always happy to participate in an interview with the author, or host a guest post. Please see my contact information below if interested.

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FTC Disclaimer: Cornucopia of Reviews was created, and is maintained, in my spare time. While I may receive ARC editions for review, I receive no monetary compensation for my reviews.

If you are an author/publisher/publicist and are interested in seeing a book reviewed on my site, or have any questions that weren't answered here, please contact me via email at Cornucopiaofreviews(at)gmail(dot)com, or Click Here.

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