Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 Year Blogoversary!

Holy bananas! I actually almost forgot that it was time for my blogoversary (shh, don't tell the blog). This is a huge milestone, especially since my career often gets in the way of being as active here as I would like to be. Let's rewind to 2009. I was a junior in college and I wanted a way to share my love of books. I was inspired by sites like The Story Siren, and even though I had absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE of HTML, I thought I would be fine to start it up.

Well, many broken html codes later, and here I am. I still have to google things, but I've met a great community of bloggers. I've seen the good, the bad, and seen a lot of changes within our community. I went on hiatus, fell back in love with blogging...and next year I am determined to make it to BEA so I can finally meet some of you in person! I'll pin my header to my shirt each day so hopefully people recognize me ;)

So...now it's time for a contest. Guess the covers, and you'll be entered in to win your choice of any three books from this list (or any YA books, really)! If you want a bigger version of the hint images, click away!


Anonymous said...


Congrats on 5 years! That's extraordinary! I'm a newbie to your site but I'm in awe of you none the less. Thank you for such a fun challenging guessing game. And if course the amazing giveaway. On the guess for book 9 you have it as "Third row left" but I think (and hope) you meant "Third row right". Am I correct? If not I need to back and rework all my guesses. :) Here's hoping you have at least another 5 years if blogging ahead if you.

Vivien said...

Crap! I think I might have entered titles into the wrong spot lol. sigh. Sorry!! I totally got ahead of myself. I did:

Lizzy said...

I updated the rafflecopter and won't hold it against anyone who followed my wrong directions :)

Greg said...

Happy 5 years, that's awesome! Have a great day

Tales of Whimsy said...

Happy anniversary!!!!
(not an entry)

Monique Morris said...

Yay!!! Happy 5 years!!! :D That's a load of commitment! <3

Ashfa said...

Happy blogoversary!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I hope I got all the cover guess right! :)

Dazzling Mage said...

Congratulations on five years of blogging.

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