Monday, February 10, 2014

Movies on Monday

Somehow I lost my weekend to movies...but I didn't mind. Instead of doing my typical mini-reviews of books, I just wanted to spotlight a couple of them.

The Lego Movie -

Yes, I did go see a kid's movie with my sister this weekend, and it was awesome! We're nerds, so we actually get the references and in-jokes, and the song was stuck in my head for the next two days. Sure, it was silly and had jokes only kids will find funny, but it also had heart. Plus, it has a ton of celebrity voices, so we had some fun picking those out.

Lord of the Rings: Extended Trilogy -

I make no secret of wishing that I was a hobbit, and I love this series. I'm just now getting around to listening to the cast commentaries, and watching all the special features. This is a feat, because each disc contains a couple of hours of interviews and information...and I only have so much time! I also appreciate that they describe reasons why they have changed things from the book. Much of it has to do with pacing, but I like hearing that they really agonized over choosing what to keep, cut, and re-administer. It reminds me of how passionate the cast and crew were about this series!


Kingsley's Mom said...

Gasp! You did the extended trilogy without meeeeee!!!!

Tales of Whimsy said...

I admit, Lego looks good to me too.

Monique Morris said...

Haha! Glad you had fun :) Nerds rule! :D

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