Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Guest Post: Book Review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer

My name is Amanda and I'm guest reviewing on Cornucopia of Reviews. I am a junior in college and, like my sister, I really enjoy reading. Typical genres that interest me are adventure, comedy and horror. My sister has attempted to get me to read many books that she enjoys. However, I rarely finish them or even read them. But when my sister purchased Cinder by Marissa Meyer I had the opposite experience. 

In order for me to finish reading a book, it needs to draw me in fairly quickly. This book drew me in within the first chapter. In the beginning the reading learns about cinder, a cyborg mechanic, a handsome prince and, a mysterious plague. Normally, I don't pick up books that include romance because I find that romantic novels can portray romance in an unrealistic manner. Cinder was different because the prince, Kai, didn't know that Cinder was a cyborg and he saw them as lesser than humans. The romance in the story was not typical romance because it wasn't shallow drama. The issue is that Cinder can't tell the prince what she is because he will reject her. 

Another aspect of the story that I liked was the queen. She was one of my favorite characters in the novel for many reasons. The queen first appears kind but the reader soon learns that she is truly evil. Her ruthlessness emerges when she controls and manipulates people's thoughts. 

The whole world that the story took place in was extremely different from the world of the original Cinderella story. It was not a typical European world; Citizens had ID chips, there was a threat of a lunar society, a plague struck fear among people and cyborgs. I loved the book and was surprised with the amount of plot twists. The farther I got into the book, the more I wanted to keep reading because each twist added another dimension of mystery. The romance was balanced with strong character development. I am very excited to read Scarlet because it is based on a fairy tale that I personally enjoy more than Cinderella because it is creepier!

*Thanks to my sister for stopping by with a review. Now that I know she'll say yes to me, expect me to harass her into reviewing every so often. 

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