Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Festival: Interview with Kim Askew and Amy Helmes & Giveaway #2


Thanks to Kim and Amy for taking the time to answer some questions! You can check out the website for their Twisted Lit series, or it's Facebook page.  

1. Okay, let's start with a this-or-that question. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Kim: No contest: Halloween. I’d prefer the opportunity to dress up like a Victorian vampire over eating turkey any day of the year.

Amy: Thanksgiving. I love that there’s very little build-up, a lot of sitting around involved, and I believe mashed potatoes trump most Halloween candy.

2. I absolutely love reading mysteries in the fall, and I read Pride & Prejudice every Christmas. Do you have any fall favorites or rituals?

Kim: I like reading Gothic novels, like The Monk and The Castle of Otranto, in front of my fireplace. Every year at Christmas, my family and I have a tradition of watching Mikhail Baryshnikov in The Nutcracker ballet.
Amy: I don’t have any rituals, per se, but I have come to embrace football season because it gives me uninterrupted time to read when everyone else in my house is glued to the TV!

3. What's your favorite spooky read?

Kim: Stephen King’s The Shining still terrifies me. Also, anything by Poe. (Try reading The Tell-Tale Heart out loud before bed — I guarantee you’ll have nightmares).

Amy: Amy: I love all the spooky Victorian stuff; Henry James’s The Turn Of the Screw, The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. But I’ve got to say, James Dickey’s Deliverance is the book that had me most freaked-out in the midst of reading it.

4. Horror movies: yes, no, or only if I can peak through my fingers?

Kim: Yes, I love the thrill of a good horror movie!

Amy: Only if I can peak through my fingers, but still ... it’s a small form of torture to feel that much unnecessary stress! 

5. Of course I can't forget to mention that you have a book coming out this winter. Can you tell everyone a bit about Anyone But You?

Kim: We decided to create a back story that explained why the Montagues and Capulets (in our case, the Montes and the Caputos) so detested one another. In fact, we weave back-and-forth in time between not one, but two love stories in our spin on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. One story takes place in the 1930s and 1940s, while the other is set in modern-day Chicago. You’ll have to read the book to find out how they’re connected!

Amy: There’s also a lot of Italian comfort food that factors in. You’ll want to devour this book, in more way than one! 

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Tales of Whimsy said...

Fun answers!

These books do sound fun.

I'm with you. I like mysteries in the fall. So why P&P for Christmas?

Lizzy said...

I think it's the fact that I can snuggle up under a blanket with some tea and read it at Christmas (and totally swoon over Darcy). I actually have time to enjoy it :)

Kristen said...

These books look amazing! Love all of there fun answers. Who doesn't swoon over Darcy? :)

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