Saturday, May 11, 2013

4 Year (sort of) Blogiversary Giveaway!

It's official, this week Cornucopia of Reviews turns 4 years old! I don't think I ever anticipated getting to four years, especially during my hiatus when I had a dreadful reading/reviewing rut. To celebrate this occasion, and because next week is so packed with posts, I wanted to start my give away a bit early. As a thank you to everyone who has helped to keep me going, I want to giveaway some books (Juju from Tales of Whimsy, Dazzling Mage of A Reading Kabocha, Jenny from Dreaming of Books, and Mel from The Daily Prophecy get special shout outs for being fabulous, and they have awesome blogs, too!). I'm putting this post together quite late at night, so there are definitely others who deserve shout outs, and if you've taken time to come read anything I've posted here, that's you!

The contest is international, and you can pick whatever books (pre-orders, too) are on your reading list! Check out the Rafflecopter below! There are a lot of entry options, but the only one you must hit is the FREE ENTRY!


Anonymous said...
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miki said...

First Congrats!! 4 years is wonderful i hope there will be many more ^^

on blogs i follow i love to see reviews( constructed, well written) about all kind of book not just the new release everyoen is speaking about
i love international giveaway ( it's great to feel excluded^^)and those not including twitter or facebook because it's something everyone has

i really enjoy author's interview because it's a way for me to discover new one and learn more about some i'm following

and 4th....i like to see the bloggers interacting with their readers

thank you a lot for this giveaway and once again happy Blogoversary

Unknown said...

I enjoy good, honest reviews
Lovely rating styles
Beautiful designs
And giveaways, a lot!

Nara said...

Interesting reviews
A simple design (that's easy to read)
Special features specific to that blog
International giveaways!
Thanks for the giveaway :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

Awww sugar thanks for the shout out!
Whoot whoot!
4 years?
Amazing huh?
Have we been homies the whole time?
It certainly seems so ;)

Ok to answer your question of 4 things that I enjoy seeing on blogs:
2. Pics and updates on the blogger
3. Simple design
4. eBook giveaways

Thanks for the awesome contest.

Happy anniversary.

Bea Tejano said...

Congrats on the 4 years on blogging!:)

I love reading well written reviews, fun memes, looking at beautiful blog designs and lovely international giveaways;)

Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

I love reviews, author interviews, memes(especially Stacking the Shelves) and giveaways of course

Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

I got a huge smile on my face when I saw my name! :D 4 years is an awesome number, congratulations!

4 things I love to see, hmm.
1. An organised sidebar.
2. Reviews with a cover, summary & rating.
3. Pretty fonts and soft colors.
4. INT giveaways :)

All the Ups and Downs said...

Organization, a great layout, reviews for books I'd like, and giveaways =)

Vivien said...

1. Cover reveals
2. reviews
3. Simple blog design
4. Cover comparisons

Lynn K. said...

Well, most definitely reviews. I also like that if the ratings are easy to spot. Sometimes I just want a quick gauge.

I also like bloggers that respond to the commenters!

A good design is on the check list too! Easy navigation is best.

And giveaways! :P

Riv said...

Hmm. Things I appreciate in blogs:

1) Simple design - too many bells and whistles and/or difficult fonts give me headache.
2) Good archive system. When I find a blog I really like, I might want to visit their earlier posts, and sometimes they are impossible to find because people do not have good archives.
3) In case of book blogs, I appreciate thoughtful and personal! reviews. Humour is always a plus.
4) I do like it when people add pictures to their text, it makes the text easier to read.

Happy Blogoversary!

Veronika said...

Happy Blogoversary!
4 things I enjoy about blogs:
- reviews
- blog design
- author interviews
- cover reveals

Janhvi said...

giveaway, reviews, pretty blog design and the colour :)

TayteH said...

Happy Blogoverary!
I love seeing:
-New covers of new books
-New releases
-Blog tours
thank you!

May said...

-Reviews of new release
-Pretty Blog designs
-Funny commentary

Unknown said...

Author Interviews
Reviews, not just of new releases
Pretty Designs

Ashfa Anwer said...

and author interviews.

thanks for the giveaway!

Anubha said...

1. Giveaways ;)
2. Interviews
3. Reviews of my much anticipated books or on those which are my absolute favourite :)
4. And Blog Designs

Happy Blogoversary *throws confetti in the air* :D

Jewel said...

Happy Blogoversary :)
The 4 things that I enjoy seeing on blogs are >>>
1. Reviews
2. Author Interviews
3. Giveaways
4. Stacking the Shelves

Chantelle said...

Congratulations!!! 4 years, that's huge. I love honest reviews, recommendations, an easy to read layout and giveaways :)

Szappanbubi said...

sparkly congrats!

. reviews- mostly onest ones, real 'experiences' :)
. photos- I love photo-heavy posts if they're in good quality
. lovely design- just find what I'm looking for :)
. gift,, giveaway, surprises :D


Ileana A. said...

Movie news, Giveaways, Funny pics and reviews!

Jennifer said...

I like seeing:

1.Things are easy to find (GFC, reviews, twitter, goodreads accounts...)

2.Nice looking blog -nice colors

3.Book reviews


Shani Smet said...

A nice blog design
Nailart posts

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